How to RASR Reset Dell EMC VxRail 7.x Node

There are several reasons why you have to factory reset a VxRail node, for example:

  • creating a new cluster
  • a fresh install is failing

Here is an easy step by step guide – how to RASR reset a Dell EMC VxRail 7.x node. Before we start please remember that you are going to take the node back to factory reset. Do not perform a RASR reset unless it is needed.

Fast Steps:

  1. Restart the Dell EMC VxRail Node with Reset System (warm boot) via iDRAC
  2. Press F11 for the Boot Manager
  3. Wait until the Boot Manager is loaded
  4. Click One-shot UEFI Boot Menu
  5. Click Internal SD: RASRTOOL
  6. You will see the RASR/Troubleshooting Menu, wait for the 10 seconds
  7. If you see a black screen with a white dash, please be patient the RASR application will load
  8. In the RASR menu type F
  9. Then type yes for continue
  10. Type disconnected to start the factory reset
  11. After the successful Message hit enter to get back to the RASR Menu
  12. In the RASR menu type and yes to reboot

Step by Step Process:

The RASR process and the reboot after will take about 1-1,5 hours – so please be patient!

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