More CPU Power for my Lab

since I ordered my servers (HPE DL 380 Gen9) with the cheapest available Intel Xeon E5-2630LV3 CPUs and they are clocked with 8 cores and 16 threads at 1.8 GHz, of course the thought kept coming up, what if I had CPUs with more power.
Therefore, I diligently watch the auctions on eBay and hit little by little when there was a good offer. Therefore, all servers now have other CPUs 😉


Now that I had enough storage and CPU performance in my lab, I started to work on VDI and VMware Horizon. However, I quickly realized that I was still missing one thing for my happiness. Since Nvidia is also gaining momentum in the data center area, it was time to equip my hosts with GPUs so that I could equip my VDI VMs with GPU power. It’s really cool to see how much faster a VDI VM with a “real” GPU is, even if only office applications are used. Therefore, my clear recommendation as a consultant is that VDI sizings without dedicated GPUs are actually a no-go. So that I can also make practical experiences with the Nvidia Grid technology, you can read in Homelab version 1.9 how it went on 🙂