so far so good the Nvidia Tesla M10 graphics card is running on my server and is diligently providing computing power for my VDI desktops.
Unfortunately, or rather, fortunately, I saved a search on eBay on “Nvidia Tesla” so I got the notification for two “cheap” Tesla P4 cards which I then finally had to buy, after the already two installed cards provided good services for a special use-case, was here the motto fully & completely, better have than have to need.

To summarize, here is a complete overview of my Homelab as of December 2021:

Homelab Overview Version 2.3

Updated BoM of my Homelab:

Ubiquiti Unifi Network Infrastructure, UDM-Pro, Unifi Switch Aggregation, 2x US16-XG-01, USW-24-PoE, USW-Flex, 10Gbit Core Network, 3x Unifi U6-LR Wifi, 1x Unifi U6-Pro Wifi
3x HPE DL380 Servers 768GB RAM, 3x 1,6TB NVME (vSAN Cache), 12x 960 GB SSD (vSAN Capacity), 4x 10Gbit Ports per Server, 4x Nvidia Tesla P4 Graphics, 1x Nvidia Tesla M10 Graphics
1x Xpenolgy (Synology on own Hardware) HPE Microserver Gen8, 4x 4TB HDD, 2x 10Gbit Ports
1x TrueNAS HPE Microserver Gen8, 2x 10TB HHD, 2x 12TB HDD, 2x 10Gbit Ports

Bold = Updated

Implemented Products & Solutions due December 2021

-VMware vSphere with vSAN
-VMware Identity Manager
-VMware vRealize Lifecycle Manager
-VMware vRealize Operations Manager
-VMware vRealize Log Insight
-VMware vRealize Business Server
-VMware vRealize Automation with Orchestrator
-VMware Unified Access Gateway
-VMware Horizon (yes i can access my Lab/Cloud from everywhere in the World)
-Nvidia Grid (vGPUs in my VDI VMs)
-VMware NSX-T
-VMware Velocloud
-VMware Tanzu (Nested) // used in CC VMware Tech update in November & December 21

-Microsoft Active Directory
-Microsoft DNS-Server
-Microsoft SQL-Server
-Microsoft Certificate Authority

-Veeam Backup & Replication

-Grafana Monitoring
-Docker Swarm
-Kubernetes Cluster

-Netapp Ontap Simulator
-Cisco UCS Simulator
-Arista EOS Simulator

Read how my home lab evolved in Homelab Version 2.4