SAS SSDs for vSAN Capacity Tier

after not compromising on the vSAN caching device, I was bothered by the SATA SSDs I was using as a capacity tier in my vSAN. By a lucky coincidence, I found 8x Samsung PM1633 960GB SAS SSDs on eBay for an acceptable price, so I struck. The 9th SAS SSD I needed I also found on eBay and also found its way to me from England quite quickly.
Here you can see the overview of my vSAN in the current configuration.

vSAN Disk Groups

Since in an all-flash vSAN the read performance is solely influenced by the capacity tier, I did another Benshmark with the HCIBench 100% read with 16k block size.


Now that my vSAN was delivering the performance I expected from my investment in hardware and resources, I could move on to another topic I had on my bucket list for my homelab. How it goes on, you can read in Homelab Version 1.8