Today I wanted to update the Nvidia drivers to GRID 15, vGPU15 in my Lab. Therefore I was faced with the challenge, how do I get these drivers respectively VIB modules into the image which is provided for my vSphere cluster by the Lifecycle Manager for my ESXi hosts?
Since it took me a moment, I would like to show you in this blog entry how I solved this issue.

How it should look like in the end.

1. Change to Admin View of Lifecycle Manager

2. In the Menu “Actions” choose “Import Updates”

Browse to the Location where your VIBs (as ZIP File) are stored
The upload will start automatically after the upload is finished choose “Import” & repeat these steps for all VIBs you want to have in your Image.

3. Go back to your VMware Cluster and modify your Image

choose “Edit”
choose “Add Components”
Filter Colum “Component Name” for Vendor Component you would like to add – in my case “NVIDIA” select them and choose Button “select”
click “Save” to finally save your edited Image

5. Your Image is now ready for remediation to your ESXi Hosts

as expected, the old version of the VIBs (in my case Nvidia vGPU) will be removed & the new ones will be installed.

So for now we are done & have successfully updated our Image in Lifecycle Manager for your ESXi Hosts within the Cluster.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact me or use the comment function here under the post.
In further tutorials, I would like to show you in the future to expand my NSX-Environment to micro-segmentation with the goal of being able to provide a multi-tenant VDI environment.
So check back here from time to time or give me feedback on what you would like to see more tutorials.

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